Trump in Middle East

Trump in Middle East

There’s a whole lot happening in the news right now, from cabinet appointments to recounts, not to mention troubles abroad. Here at the Coalition news desk, though, we’re thinking about one very important topic that hasn’t gotten much attention so far: Israel and Palestine.

As a candidate, Donald Trump bragged that with his deal-making skills, he thought he could broker a peace accord between Israel and Palestine, the like of which hasn’t been on the table in decades.

Now, this was a campaign promise, so we don’t really know how he will pursue the issue as president. We are curious as to whether Mr. Trump will break with the decades of Republican views that Israel is the only rightful nation state in the region, seeking a two-state solution with Palestine, or whether he will continue his anti-Islamic mentality into helping Israel continue its encroaching settlements and military campaigns into the Palestinian Territory. In any case, we are pleased to see that Mr. Trump is at least not disregarding the issue entirely, as most of our politicians have made common practice over the second Obama term.

The most interesting part of this discussion for us is the fact that Mr. Trump seemed to suggest that it might actually be his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who would be the one to broker the peace accord.

You can see the remarks here:

We’ll be watching to see what happens, but it’s certain that next year will mark a new phase of US policy in the Middle East, with future President Trump focusing much less on interventionism, and more on helping other countries broker their own accords. We’re cautiously optimistic, but we’re curious to know your thoughts–chime in using the forum!




Losing weight has become a major goal among many people nowadays since most individuals want to possess wonderful bodies. Not only should you consider losing weight so as to have a good shape, but also keep in mind that you can eliminate some health-threatening conditions that may come as a result of being obese.
The good thing here is that it’s possible for you to lose weight fast in 2 weeks if you follow the best procedure. If you want to achieve such an objective, what you should keep in mind is that you will still need to take your meals, though this time round you will need to go for healthy meals and more exercises. Some valuable ways on how to go about the whole subject have been included below:

1. Don’t go on a starvation diet
It’s good for you to limit the number of calories that you take in per day, but don’t go for the starvation option, as this may lead to weight gain or even muscle wasting. This happens under simple mechanisms, such as the body having a way that makes it store fats when starvation is detected, so as it keep itself prepared. Also, muscle wasting can occur, whereby the body burns its muscles to provide itself with the required energy.

2. Consume fish
You should try to eat fish two times a week, especially oily fish which will have omega-3 fatty acids such as trout, blue-eyed or even salmon.

3. Eat various nutritious foods
The main goal of taking many types of nutritious foods is to ensure that your body will receive many vitamins and nutrient to fuel it. It’s also advisable that you get rid of processed foods and sodas so as to improve your eating habits. Besides, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruits, and cereals will be very useful in helping you to evade hunger by filling you up for longer periods.

4. Avoid the bad fats
Some processed food will contain unhealthy trans fat as well as hydrogenated fats. The food labels they have will list them as “Partially Hydrogenated Oil” or “Shortening”, and if their position in the list is high, then it means they will be of a greater quantity.

5. Get a food journal
The best thing you will do as you maintain your weight is to keep track of what you are feeding your body with. You should be able to recognize the times when you are feeding yourself with a lot of calories. That way you try to make some resolutions so as to make sure that you don’t take in so many calories whose effect might go against your goal.

Finally, you will need to be patient about your results and take things easy. You don’t need to use your scales almost each and every time, as you won’t see an immediate loss of weight in a day or two. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you eat healthily as well as exercise enough and leave the rest to take care of its own. You will be surprised at how fast you can lose your weight after some time.

Best of the West: Holiday Edition

Best of the West: Holiday Edition

Salaam alaikum!

If this is your first holiday season in the states, you may be overwhelmed by the mad rush to buy, buy, buy! It is true, there are many more products available to you here than in the Arab world, so it is best to be wise when you shop.

Here is our Sikh Coalition Shopping Guide to the best items to find at discounts this holiday season.

A good time to get a vacuum!

As muslims, we greatly value the cleanliness of our homes. Cleanliness is godliness and it is easier here than anywhere else. If you have only used a broom to clean your home before, now is a perfect time to upgrade to a vacuum. Take care of your rugs and keep your home clean more easily! And at the holiday times, you may find extremely inexpensive deals. It is a good time to invest in spring cleaning a bit early. Something for your wife! The holidays are one of the only times you can buy vacuums on big sales.

Find quality vacuums at low prices on this website!

A good time to go mobile!

Especially if you are a new arrival, this may be your first and best opportunity to invest in transportation for yourself and for your family. No time is like the holidays for buying a car in America. If you are beginning to find financial stability, you will do well to find a good deal on a car this winter! Stop at local dealerships for promotions and always remember to haggle!

We have found that the best bargain cars are compact models from manufacturers with good reliability. These are the cars we have driven and had good luck with. You will find more discussion on the Forum!

Honda Fit

Toyota Yaris

Ford Focus

They are all very popular in Consumer Reports, and are good first cars for new citizens. They are easy to park and to drive since they are small, but you can easily fit kids in as well. They also all last very well.


A good time to get hooked up!

Last but not least, there is no time like holiday time to get your latest tech fix. If you are in need of a new smartphone, laptop, or tablet, the best discounts of the year are going on now. Lots of new models have just come out, which means that last year’s editions are very cheap, without being too out of date. Check for them, especially on clearance! It’s good to remember than online retailers like Best Buy or Amazon have discounts, but many companies like Apple don’t have any discounts on their sites. So, you should buy from a retailer, not the maker.

Are you shopping for something special this year? Perhaps the best cheap vacuum for the home, the best vacuums for pet owners — anything! Let us know and maybe we will include it in the next buying guide!

Keith Ellison is top favorite for DNC chair

Keith Ellison is top favorite for DNC chair

Here’s a quick but exciting newsflash for all politically-minded readers: Keith Ellison, a Democratic Representative from Minnesota (and the first muslim lawmaker elected in the USA) is the leading contender to take over the leadership of the Democratic National Committee. While the leadership position isn’t necessarily a powerful government status, it does involve setting forth the party’s strategy and agenda, both of which need some overhauling after the complete loss Democrats saw earlier this month. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Ellison strongly, and so has Harry Reid, who is the current Minority leader in the Senate.There has been some pushback to Ellison’s bid, mainly from people who have complained about his earlier remarks about Israel. He is one of the only people in the Congress who isn’t wholeheartedly behind everything the Israeli state does. We’ll see how it all plays out, but with the prominence of Ellison and Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard (our first Hindu lawmaker on the national stage) this political season, it’s a good time for the interfaith community in the next generation of political leadership. Some good news among the fear and confusion is always welcome! We’ll keep you posted on how the power struggle plays out with the Democrats.

What the election means for you

What the election means for you

Dear readers,

As many of you will no doubt understand, we here at the Sikh Coalition have been deeply troubled by the results of our recent elections here in the United States. As muslim Americans, we watched for months as Donald Trump used incendiary, hateful rhetoric about our faith, and about our Arab ethnicity. Now, Mr. Trump is the president-elect, and our whole world seems shaken.

America has chosen a leader who is openly anti-muslim, and who has repeatedly called for discrimination against our community members on the basis of religious faith. Many things will change in the next 4 years, but one thing that we must not let change is the American way of tolerating, including and accepting people of all faiths. Mr. Trump is not alone. Many legislators in the Congress and in states around the country have spoken similarly about issues relating to the muslim community, and we don’t think it is any overstatement to say that there is an extremist agenda at work which some in the government will certainly  try to enact.

While we do not want to panic any of you, we would like to say that this is a time to be vigilant, to mobilize, and to reach out. There are many factors which led to this result, but the fact that many Americans either agree with Mr. Trump’s views or are not troubled by them should disturb every one of us. Clearly we have work to do to reach out as friends, neighbors and coworkers to help our fellow citizens understand what is at stake in this moment.

Meanwhile, it is a time to become active in your communities, to brace for legal attacks on our rights, and those of our fellow refugees or resettled families.

Whether Mr. Trump fully intends to ban Muslims and create a national registry as he has suggested remains to be seen, but we must do everything we can to stay informed, to make our friends and families aware of what is going on, and to become engaged politically to make it clear to lawmakers that we are just as much their constituents as our Christian brothers and sisters.

Please see the Forum to find community meeting places, and initiatives which you can get involved in. Our wish is that the entire online community we have built here will become a network for us to keep each other aware of problematic legislation and legal issues wherever they pop up.

With faith, now more than ever,

The editors